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Sappy and Sappy Bucket® are registered trademarks of Addison County Promotions, LLC / Little Pressroom

Celebrate life’s significant and simple moments in true Vermont fashion with sweet sentiments and sappy humor. 


Created in Middlebury, Vermont, our customizable Sappy Bucket® notecards let you tailor your message with color options, phrase choices and adorable hand drawn images. 


They’re pure, Grade A goodness!

Greeting Cards:

$6 each individually
$5 each for 3

$4 each for 10
$3 each for 20


Activity Books:

Coloring Pages:

Coloring Posters:

Sappy Wrappy™:

$10 for a pack of 10

$10 each

$10 for a pack of 20

$10 for a pack of 10

$8 for pack of 30 wrapping sheets

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