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Local Artists

Little Pressroom provides printing and advertising services for many local artists -

scroll down to meet a few and learn more about their work!

If you are a regional artist and would like to be featured on our website and in our

marketing, please get in touch with Erin at

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Catherine Palmer

A lifetime of living on a Vermont Farm has given artist Catherine M. Palmer a love for the people and animals from her agricultural heritage. Working in many layers of semi-translucent pencil, she portrays the intimate moments of life with farm animals. Her scenes of the Vermont countryside record a nostalgia for the small farm life. She also happily does commissions of animals and people around these same themes. For more information email Catherine M. Palmer at

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Courtney Butler Allenson is a native Vermont artist whose love of nature, fishing, and all things trout is reflected in the carved block prints she creates. From original prints to stickers, totes, waxed canvas bags, and pouches, all of Courtney’s work is adorned with the fish she takes inspiration from. Courtney has designed fishy fabric for BeauTies, created logos for several companies, and illustrated a book about fishing.

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Courtney Allenson
Catherine Palmer


I'm an oil painter based in Addison County, Vermont. I paint pet portraits, trucks, and other things people love. I work with professional grade water-soluble oils on canvas. My illustrations are watercolor and ink on cotton cold press watercolor paper. 

Please contact me for more information if you would like a painting!

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Erin Daigle


Claire Clayman Geer, fine artist & graphic designer, has lived in Vermont since 1974. With over 35 years focused mainly on graphic design, illustrative sign painting, and marketing, her return to creative art since 2006 has added new dimensions and happiness to her life, which she wants to share. Claire describes her paintings as follows: 

“The emphasis of my work is on the fluid quality of watercolor and the exploration of the spontaneous and accidental. The inspirations for my paintings come primarily from my 'backyard,' with an amazing view of the Adirondacks, surrounded by the crisp bright colors of the Vermont seasons. My paintings consist of watercolors and what I call 'watercollages,' in which pieces or excerpts of painted areas are juxtaposed with each other to create images with a sense of depth and play."

Notecards* with Claire's Artwork are $5.00 each and can be purchased by clicking the button below

*Includes 1 card and 1 envelope

Claire Clayman Geer
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